Killhope - Circa 1986

Scouts enjoying a well earned rest on a day hike to Killhope. Michael Graham on top of cairn. Others in the group include Barry Robson, Malcolm Dobson and Carl Robinson.

Oakpool - Circa 1988

Scout camp at Oakpool. Constructing a camp oven. Thomas Maughn to left and Peter Graham to right.

Acton Fell - Circa 1985

Scouts construct a Snow Hole at Acton Fell. In the photo on far left is Barry Robson and next to him Malcolm Dobson.

Kielder - Circa 2000

Kielder Scout camp. Scouts work out how to cross from A to B using only the materials supplied.

Hexham, Queens Hall - Circa 2000

ACT’s performance of Christmas Carol. L-R Sarah Mac Clean, Liam Walker, Rowan Mc Sheery, Jennifer Page. Sitting J. Lancaster, Robin Doxford

Hexham, Queens Hall - Circa 2000

Performance of Christmas Carol by ACT L-R Amy Summers, Patrick Burns, Breanna Winger, J. Lancaster, Carys John and Zoe Walker.

Kielder - Circa 1988

Scout camp at Kielder – raft building. Richard Robinson to the left of photo

Oakpool - Circa 1988

Scout camp at Oakpool. Fire building. David Nattrass on left and Scout leader, Clive Rule, on right.

Allendale - Circa 1988

Presentation of Village Venture Award for work carried out on Dawson Place hall by the Scout Group. Far left, Scout Group Chairman, Ken Richardson, Scout, David Habberjam, Cub James Lee (?) Far right, Group Scout leader, Mike Robinson

Allenedale - Circa 1967

Camp cooking. L to R Rachel Handcock, Mrs ?, Margaret Makepeace, Sue Thirlwell, Helen Little,Jane Handcock, Ruth Blair, Doreen Little (behind), Christine Blair, Ann Leader

Allendale - Circa 1986

Renovation work to Dawson Place Hall – Scout base. Richard Robinson (l) and Peter Graham give Cub leader, Ron Graham, a hand.

Allendale - Circa 1986

Getting bogged down – Alan Birchall, Cub leader, cleaning up the riverside with the Scout Group.