Spartylea - February 1947

Bus stuck in the snow at Sparty Lea on the road from Allendale to Allenheads, at Corn Mill bank top.

Allendale - 1955

Postcard showing the former railway station finding a new use as a caravan park in the 1950s.

Allendale - 1950s

Allendale village centre in the 1950s. Note the scales stood at the doorway of the Post Office.

Allenheads - 1920

Allenheads village centre – note the two carts, the main transport of that day. Sent by 1d post. (12 pennies (d) in every shilling and 20 shillings in every pound.) Today it costs 19p, or approximately a fifth of a pound. In old money that’s four shillings!

Allendale - Date Unknown

Group stood in front of the Allendale fire engine. Left to right:  Tommy Shield and Joseph Bell, both firemen, unknown, Clifford Fairlamb, Basil Fairlamb (in white), June (Simpson) Walker, five unknown, Leslie Coulson, Beth Shield, unknown.  

Allendale - Circa 1945

Dorothy Lancaster teaching pony riding. The Allendale Co-op Drapery opened in 1937 – formerly the site of the Fosters’ house. The garage behind was used for storing vehicles. Parked are the Whitfield Co-op van – driver, Jack Warwick, the bank manager’s car, the cobbler’s car, Percy Lindsay’s car.

Spartylea - 1910

Postcard view of Spartylea at the beginning of the 20th century. Note the horse and cart stood on the road. Building top left of picture was ‘Tilery’ cottage where at one time tiles were made. In the centre, facing, of the picture can be seen the Post Office.

Staward - Circa 1980

Taken from a 1981 calendar for J.M.Ridley Ltd. The vehicle is negotiating Staward bends

Catton - Date Unknown

Railway Station at Catton. Opened in 1865 and ran passenger trains from 1869 – 1930. Finally closed in 1950.

Allendale - February 1947

Clearing a way into the village during the bad snows of 1947. Just outside the Recreation Ground. The caterpillar tractor was one of Vickers’ (Scotswood Road, Newcastle) – tractor production here was later abandoned.

Catton - Date Unknown

Thought to be either:  W. Dinning of Highfield, Catton, or Norman Walton, Bank Manager.