Allendale - Date Unknown

Crowd gather to watch the laying of ‘Foundation Stone’ at the Temperance Hall (now the village hall).

Allenheads - Circa 1942

Two dancers, Jean Batchelor (right) and Moira Park (now Ruddick). Jean Batchelor lived in the hotel (run by her parents). The metal railings were removed for the war effort.

Allenheads - Circa 1942

4 dancers outside the Allenheads Inn – Edwin Batchelor, Moira Park (now Ruddick), Bunty Williamson and Harrison West.

Allendale - Circa 1955

Lancelot Bell carrying a burning barrel of tar in the New Year’s Eve procession to the bonfire.

Allendale - 1958

Market Square, Allendale. Morris dancers from Newcastle University performing on Whit Monday