Allendale - 1950s

Allendale village centre in the 1950s. Note the scales stood at the doorway of the Post Office.

Allenheads - 1920

Allenheads village centre – note the two carts, the main transport of that day. Sent by 1d post. (12 pennies (d) in every shilling and 20 shillings in every pound.) Today it costs 19p, or approximately a fifth of a pound. In old money that’s four shillings!

Allendale - Circa 1895

Postcard showing the Heatherlea building before considerable alterations and additions. The shop front states it is M. Stephenson who runs it. At the corner is the entrance to the bank.

Allendale - Circa 1945

Dorothy Lancaster teaching pony riding. The Allendale Co-op Drapery opened in 1937 – formerly the site of the Fosters’ house. The garage behind was used for storing vehicles. Parked are the Whitfield Co-op van – driver, Jack Warwick, the bank manager’s car, the cobbler’s car, Percy Lindsay’s car.

Allenheads - 1903

Allenheads village centre on a very quiet day – no vehicles and no people, perhaps it was Sunday and they were all in church.

Allendale - Circa 1950

Harry Lancaster outside the Co-op Drapery – now the Co-op Supermarket.  Harry lived at Leadgate and worked at the garage which is now The Forge.

Allendale - Date Unknown

Peth House, Allendale Dixons the Butchers Mr and Mrs Robert Dixon. Grandparents of Robert Dixon of Bishopside Farm, Catton

Allendale - 1955

Post card view showing Allendale Centre. The Post office in the centre was run by W. Fairlamb who was followed by Alan Blair and his wife Pat.

Allenheads - 1910

Postcard view of Allenheads village centre showing W. Pearson’s shop and Post Office. Note the Gin Hill Shaft behind the shop and house – this was later demolished.

Allenheads - Date Unknown

A postcard view showing Dovespool – note the shop at left of row. The house in the centre of the picture was the ‘Candle House’ where miners would purchase their candles for work and lighting their homes. The building in front of this later housed Bob Maddison’s dwelling and art studio.

Allenheads - 1910

Postcard view of Allenheads village centre showing shop and post office, run by W. Pearson, to the right of picture. John S. Shield at the Allenheads Inn was also the local ‘carrier’. Note the four-legged transport in those days.

Allenheads - 1916

Allenheads village centre. W. Pearson, Grocer on the right of photo.

Allendale - 1895

Herbert Edgar’s shop, (Victoria House) Market Place, Allendale.

Allendale - Date Unknown

Matt Stephenson’s shop – later to become part of the Heatherlea Hotel when Stephenson and Bell extended up. The Heatherlea Hotel opened in 1900.

Catton - Circa 1946

Jack (John David) Thompson – son of John Vincent Thompson – carries on the business after discharge from the RAF after second world war. Failing health had caused dad to close the business in the early forties. With his £48 gratuity money he stocked the shop, although ration books made a lot of work. He … read more