Spartylea - Date Unknown

Tedham Wesleyan Chapel was on the roadside at Spartylea. It was built in 1862 but demolished before the first World War, the stone being used for local buildings.

Keenley - Circa 2000

Keenley Wesleyan Chapel has managed to survive – still in use in 2001. Built in 1750 after John Wesley’s visit to Keenley, it was later rebuilt in 1875.

Allenheads - Circa 1979

Former Primitive Methodist chapel (Bethel) at ‘Dirt Pot’, Allenheads. Now converted into a privately run Outdoor centre.

Allendale - Circa 2000

Allendale Trinity Methodist Chapel, Shield Street Still in use when this entry was made (2003)

Allendale - 1921

Dedication of 1st World War Memorial – the Lychgate at St. Cuthbert’s Church, Allendale. Lady Allendale assisting in the dedication.