Allenheads - Circa 1967

Sheep dipping. (see 0013 003 for details). The small group standing behind the sheep dip are Julian Ruddick aged 8, Alison Ruddick aged 3, Jeremy Ruddick aged 5 and Moira Ruddick.

Allenheads - Circa 1967

Negatives of sheep dip.The sheep dip was situated on the site of the Smelt Mill. It was on the south side of Slag Hill, just below the dam, which held the water for the Mill. The sheep dip was filled from this dam by releasing a sluice gate allowing water to flow through a pipe … read more

Keenleyside - 1910

Keenleyside Hill.The child at the door is Robert Lowdon who was born there in 1908.

Keenleyside - Circa 1965

Aerial photo of Keenleyside Hill. Previous occupants suggest this was taken in the early 1960s.

Whitfield - Circa 1935

Burnlaw – haymaking. L-R. Ethel Shield, Dora Shield, John Hall Shield, Hugh Pickering, Joseph Shield.