Allendale - 1990

Chimney before being hit by lightning but starting to crumble.

Allendale - 1994

Re-building of chimney showing Wilf Frazer on the left with two others from Allendale

Allenheads - Circa 1979

Former Primitive Methodist chapel (Bethel) at ‘Dirt Pot’, Allenheads. Now converted into a privately run Outdoor centre.

Allendale - 1955

Postcard showing the former railway station finding a new use as a caravan park in the 1950s.

Allendale - 1955

‘Ashleigh’ was built as a private house by a Mr Lee of Ashington Colliery. It was turned into a hotel in the 1950s, and later a residential care home.

Allendale - Date Unknown

Group stood in front of the Allendale fire engine. Left to right:  Tommy Shield and Joseph Bell, both firemen, unknown, Clifford Fairlamb, Basil Fairlamb (in white), June (Simpson) Walker, five unknown, Leslie Coulson, Beth Shield, unknown.  

Allendale - Circa 1945

Dorothy Lancaster teaching pony riding. The Allendale Co-op Drapery opened in 1937 – formerly the site of the Fosters’ house. The garage behind was used for storing vehicles. Parked are the Whitfield Co-op van – driver, Jack Warwick, the bank manager’s car, the cobbler’s car, Percy Lindsay’s car.

Allendale - Circa 1947

Dorothy teaching pony riding. People in picture are Mrs Graham, Judith, Alistair on the pony and Elsbeth. The picture has been taken outside the Lychgate and the Allendale cinema (now the Church hall) is to the left.