Allendale - 1955

Postcard showing the former railway station finding a new use as a caravan park in the 1950s.

Allendale - 1955

‘Ashleigh’ was built as a private house by a Mr Lee of Ashington Colliery. It was turned into a hotel in the 1950s, and later a residential care home.

Allendale - 1950s

Allendale village centre in the 1950s. Note the scales stood at the doorway of the Post Office.

Allendale - Circa 1945

Dorothy Lancaster teaching pony riding. The Allendale Co-op Drapery opened in 1937 – formerly the site of the Fosters’ house. The garage behind was used for storing vehicles. Parked are the Whitfield Co-op van – driver, Jack Warwick, the bank manager’s car, the cobbler’s car, Percy Lindsay’s car.

Allendale - Circa 1895

Postcard showing the Heatherlea building before considerable alterations and additions. The shop front states it is M. Stephenson who runs it. At the corner is the entrance to the bank.

Allendale - Circa 1953

Postcard view of Shield Street, Allendale, showing the Pharmacy with steps to the side of it and to the right of those another shop which is now a house.

Allendale - Circa 1938

Allendale Post Office in its original location (now the Tea Rooms). William Fairlamb began the Post Office in 1870. Llewellyn Fairlamb took it over in 1904. William Redvers Fairlamb took over in 1953. It moved to its present site in the 1970s and was run by Alan and Pat Blair until the 1990s. A joiner’s … read more

Allendale - Date Unknown

Allendale Cinema, now the church hall. The projection room was above the present kitchen accessed (until January 2003) by stairs at the far end of the kitchen.

Allendale - date unknown

The ‘Bull Ring’, Allendale, early 20th century.  Lost cattle were kept here until the farmer could claim them.  Immediately behind the bull ring is the hearse house, now used for the parish lawn mower. The larger building to the right of the photo formerly housed the Post Office, and is now Allendale Tea Rooms.  To … read more

Allendale - Circa 1950

Harry Lancaster outside the Co-op Drapery – now the Co-op Supermarket.  Harry lived at Leadgate and worked at the garage which is now The Forge.

Allendale - Date Unknown

Peth House, Allendale Dixons the Butchers Mr and Mrs Robert Dixon. Grandparents of Robert Dixon of Bishopside Farm, Catton

Allendale - 1906

Coloured postcard showing Lloyds Bank and Heatherlea to the left of postcard. Posted 1906.