Langley - Date Unknown

Memorial to James and Charles Viscount Langley, Earls of Derwentwater. Be-headed on Tower Hill, 24th Feb. 1716 and 1746.

Whitfield - Date Unknown

Memorial at Whitfield to Lindsay Jameson, born 5/10/1870 and tragically killed in cycling accident on 16/6/1895, aged 24.

Langley - Date Unknown

The memorial cross to James and Charles,Earls of Derwentwater. Erected by Mr. C. J. Bates in the 1800’s.

Unspecified Location - Date Unknown

A sculpture in metal made by Charles Sansbury (who lived at Old Oaks) which was presented to Jack Stephenson in the 1980s. Jack died in 1988.

Allenheads - 16 February 1963

Part of an article written in Chronicle about the extreme weather conditions the Allen Valleys was experiencing that winter.