Keenley - Circa 2000

Keenley Wesleyan Chapel has managed to survive – still in use in 2001. Built in 1750 after John Wesley’s visit to Keenley, it was later rebuilt in 1875.

Keenley - February 1981

The Range at Low Howe, Leadgate,West Allen. Shop destroyed by fire in 1765 – John Clark

Keenley - 1921

Top row – James Hutchinson, Lily Herdman, Lily Armstrong, Evelyn Harrison, Annie Hutchinson, Robert Lowdon, George Robinson, Tom Irving. 2nd Row – Nora Bushby, Agnes Lowdon, Rita Errington, John Hudspith, Percy Hutchinson,Jinnie Bushby, Dolly Herdman, Sylvia Watson. 3rd Row – Charles Harrison, Allan Lowdon, Bill Hudspith, Roland Harrison, Edwin Fairless, Mary Hutchinson, Allan Fairless 4th … read more

Keenley - Circa 1985

Hindley Hill, Keenley – home of the Broadwood family in 1749. John Wesley stayed here.

Keenley - Circa 1953

Back : John Lowdon, John Nixon, Ian Hudspith, Philip Moore, Robert Lowdon. Middle: Ann Teika, Vera Ridley, Margaret Redhead, Judy Summers, Brenda Henderson. Front: Dot Redhead, Carolyn Harrison, Miss Cowels, Lenis Nixon, Toni Summers