Allenheads - 1908

Postcard showing Huntwell – originally built for Thomas Sopwith (possibly 1860-70). In the top right corner of the photograph is Coating Hill.

Allenheads - Circa 1979

Former Primitive Methodist chapel (Bethel) at ‘Dirt Pot’, Allenheads. Now converted into a privately run Outdoor centre.

Allenheads - Circa 1942

Two dancers, Jean Batchelor (right) and Moira Park (now Ruddick). Jean Batchelor lived in the hotel (run by her parents). The metal railings were removed for the war effort.

Allenheads - Circa 1942

4 dancers outside the Allenheads Inn – Edwin Batchelor, Moira Park (now Ruddick), Bunty Williamson and Harrison West.

Allenheads - 1920

Allenheads village centre – note the two carts, the main transport of that day. Sent by 1d post. (12 pennies (d) in every shilling and 20 shillings in every pound.) Today it costs 19p, or approximately a fifth of a pound. In old money that’s four shillings!

Allenheads - Circa 1967

Sheep dipping. (see 0013 003 for details). The small group standing behind the sheep dip are Julian Ruddick aged 8, Alison Ruddick aged 3, Jeremy Ruddick aged 5 and Moira Ruddick.

Allenheads - Circa 1967

Negatives of sheep dip.The sheep dip was situated on the site of the Smelt Mill. It was on the south side of Slag Hill, just below the dam, which held the water for the Mill. The sheep dip was filled from this dam by releasing a sluice gate allowing water to flow through a pipe … read more

Allenheads - Circa 1900

BR – Dora Ridley, John French, Hanah Ridley FR – John Ridley, Janet Shield, Fred Ridley, Dora French. Janet Shield holding Ethel Shield.

Allenheads - Circa 1925

Spring cottage in foreground with Candle house behind (used for making candles – for miners?) Blossom Hill – the two cottages at back of picture. River Allen at front of picture.

Allenheads - Circa 1982

Ropehaugh, Allenheads showing Mill cottage on right. Mill cottage, Ropehaugh, Resting hills and Westend

Allenheads - Circa 1898

Slag Hill cottages taken by a firm of photographers called ‘Frith’ who specialised in photos of rural England. As postcards were not in general use until after 1900 the date could be later.