AVLHG Membership

The Group came together under the aegis of the North Pennines AONB Partnership, with the aim of supporting individual and community research into aspects of local history.  Members enjoy the benefits of sharing their interests and know-how across a range of projects concerned with how people have lived in, and shaped the landscape of, the Allen Valleys.

For example, current and planned activities include: exploring the evidence of past life through the use of modern technology such as LIDAR and geophysical surveys; learning how to research the history of buildings; preserving and recording the local dialect, unique to the Allen Valleys, through oral history interviews; preserving and building a comprehensive archive of local records.  So priority access to training for these activities is a major membership benefit.

Members may also attend talks and events at reduced prices, and enjoy exclusive offers from time to time.

Membership runs from June to May and is currently £10 a year.

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